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Coding Express (45025)

Coding Express is a creative, intuitive and versatile solution that introduces preschoolers to early coding concepts that naturally sparks their curiosity, creativity and desire to explore and learn together. Based on the ever popular train theme, the highly versatile LEGO DUPLO solution allows children to make connections and intuitively explore early coding concepts, such as sequencing, looping and conditional coding, while developing problem-solving skills , critical thinking, collaboration, and social and emotional skills.

The child led free optional app provides four areas for preschoolers to explore: Journeys, Characters, Music and Math. The different themed activities change the way the action bricks behave, altering the effect on the train. The activities are open ended and preschoolers will practice a variety of skills relevant for early childhood development.

Journeys: Tags as destinations – sequencing events and language
Characters: Tags as emotional reactions – action/reaction and social and emotional development
Music: Tags as melodies/instruments – exploring, sequencing and looping sound
Math: Assigning values for movement – exploring action/re-action

he LEGO Education Coding Express makes it intuitive and fun for preschool children to learn early coding concepts and critical 21st century skills through playful, hands-on learning with LEGO DUPLO bricks.

Key learning objectives to develop early coding and critical 21st century skills
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LEGO 45025 Coding Express

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Inspire preschoolers to explore early coding and critical 21st century skills through creative and collaborative play!
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Coding Express 45025 Features

  • Early coding skills
  • Sequencing
  • Looping
  • Conditional coding
  • Language and literacy
  • Collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Express ideas with digital elements