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Fast action fun meets creative play with LEGO® Sonic the Hedgehog™ playsets. Fans of the Blue Blur will love creating scenes inspired by favourite Sonic adventures. Have fun with Sonic’s friends Tails and Amy as they face-off against Dr Eggman, Cubot and the Badniks. There’s fast-action play in every set, and some come with a speed sphere that lets kids launch Sonic through the zones. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog™ – Green Hill Zone (21331)
€ 49,99
- € 30,00 (38%)
4,44 ct/steen
Laagste ooitSonics Green Hill Zone loopinguitdaging (76994)
€ 104,99
13,09 ct/steen
Laagste ooitSonics supersnelle uitdaging (76990)
€ 29,99
10,27 ct/steen
Laagste ooitTails' werkplaats en Tornado vliegtuig (76991)
€ 42,99
11,43 ct/steen
Laagste ooitAmy's dierenopvangeiland (76992)
€ 52,99
13,66 ct/steen

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