Corona Update

Due to corona virus measures, there are currently fewer sites in the comparison overview than normally can be found.

This due to a number of stores stopped accepting online orders. Others have asked us to stop recording them temporarily, in order to reduce the pressure on the employees.

Online orders can usually continue at the sites that are still listed, it may be that the delivery takes longer than you are used to.

A number of sets are currently also no longer available. Covid-19 of course also has an impact on stores and suppliers.

We continue to try to provide the best and most complete overview of the prices, and look forward to the moment when everything returns back to normal.

Until then, stay safe!

Brexit Update

The UK has left the EU free trade zone per 2021. At the moment it is not yet clear what exactly the consequences / interpretations will be for EU orders in the UK and vice versa.

For example, Amazon UK has currently imposed shipping restrictions for EU countries on a large part of the items (especially on the more expensive ones). For sets that are still being sent, the EU VAT is charged separately to consumers (and delivered via a Luxembourg SARL), so you will not receive a separate VAT additional charge.

For other sites, shipments to the UK are no longer being sent, or the site has not yet been updated. Given the current requirement from the UK government to register the company & declare VAT overthere, we expect that many small to medium sites will soon stop shipping to the UK, just in case.

To prevent too many incorrect prices from being displayed, from now on all UK sites have been set as non-shipping to EU countries, and vice versa. We keep an eye on the regulations and as soon as we know more we will process this. Until then the sites are still in the overview, but only under the 'no local delivery' heading.