4-Stud Brick Drawer – Light Blue (5006181)

Kids will love tidying up with this giant LEGO® brick drawer. Made from easy-to-clean, durable plastic, the unit features a single removable drawer that’s big enough for toys, LEGO bricks, toiletries, office supplies and other small items. Just like LEGO bricks, the units are stackable and available in multiple colors, providing the perfect way to brighten any home or office. (Please note: When stacking, always open the drawers on a level surface to avoid the risk of the units tipping over.)
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€ 27.99
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Set Title

LEGO 5006181 4-Stud Brick Drawer – Light Blue

Alternate description
Stackable drawers in LEGO® brick style
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March 2022

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4-Stud Brick Drawer – Light Blue 5006181 Features

  • Stackable Storage Brick – With 4 oversized studs on the top surface, this single-drawer unit can be connected to others to create a colorful and versatile storage solution
  • Practical and durable – A birthday present or holiday gift idea for kids aged 3 and up and LEGO® lovers of all ages
  • Supersized brick – Measures over 7 in. (18 cm) high, 9.5 in (24 cm) wide and 9.5 in (24 cm) deep. Made from durable polypropylene plastic. BPA and phthalate free. No PVC used