Belle's Castle Winter Celebration (43180)

Winter fun awaits young kids who love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with this exciting LEGO® ǀ Disney Belle’s Castle Winter Celebration (43180) set. The playset has elements and play starters to help youngsters grow their creative skills. It also includes Starter Brick bases and walls that let even first-time builders experience the pride of constructing buildings and more, all on their own.

The colorful castle features several rooms to explore, plus small accessory builds such as a vanity table with a brush, bow and tiara, a table and chair, and a fireplace, to help inspire endless creative play. Youngsters can get right to adventuring with this fantastic set, featuring 2 mini-doll figures, Disney's Belle and the Beast, who can be transformed into the Prince. Other well-known characters include Mrs. Potts, Chip and Cogsworth, plus bird and snowman LEGO figures for Disney.
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Set Title

LEGO 43180 Belle's Castle Winter Celebration

Alternate description
Give small princes and princesses a castle full of friends
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May 2020

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Belle's Castle Winter Celebration 43180 Features

  • Offer preschoolers an exciting and fulfilling building experience with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Belle’s Castle Winter Celebration (43180) set, featuring Disney’s Beauty and the Beast characters. Makes a fun holiday gift.
  • Inspire younger builders with a bright and colorful, easy-to-build castle with multiple rooms, buildable accessories, Disney's Belle and the Beast mini-doll figures and other items to boost imagination and creative play.
  • The pretty castle and cute characters are great for young kids to play with and stretch their creative skills. Kids can build the castle and accessories, then act out favorite movie scenes or imagine new stories.
  • Younger Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans will love this set with all its playful details and clever accessories. The ease of assembly and fun story starters help make this a great gift for preschoolers aged 4 and up.
  • An easy-to-build castle full of details. With the castle measuring over 9” (23cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 6” (16cm)deep, this fantastic set is designed to be constructed and played with over and over again.