Ice-Cream Truck (41715)

Serve up a sweet treat for little builders aged 4 and up who love food play with the LEGO® Friends Ice-Cream Truck (41715) toy. It comes with LEGO Friends Andrea and Roxy mini-dolls, plus a cute dog figure. Kids build the cool truck then pretend to be the server making delicious frozen treats or play at hanging out with friends around the seating area.

Perfect gift for kids aged 4 and up
4+ toy playsets are designed to make construction child’s play. Youngsters create this cool truck by assembling the bricks on the sturdy Starter Brick base. The play starts right away since each bag of bricks contains a character and a build. Not that kids will need much help to make their model – this ice-cream playset comes with interactive digital building instructions. The free LEGO Building Instructions app lets builders of any age zoom, rotate and view the model using the special ghost mode for immersive construction fun.
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Set Title

LEGO 41715 Ice-Cream Truck

Alternate description
Ice-cream toy playset serves up food-play fun for kids
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May 2022

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Ice-Cream Truck 41715 Features

  • Food toy feeds imaginations – The LEGO® Friends Ice-Cream Truck (41715) serves up hours of role-play fun for boys and girls aged 4+ as they pretend to sell ice creams and hang out with friends
  • Creative gift packed with features – Comes with LEGO® Friends characters Andrea and Roxy, plus a dog figure and all the bricks needed to construct a colorful ice-cream truck
  • Authentic details – Kids can pretend to drive the truck around, get different-flavored ice creams or a popsicle from the truck’s freezer, use the cash register or feed the dog a bone
  • Shop play for kids aged 4 and up – This ice-cream truck makes a great anytime gift for boys and girls who love to play shop or make toy vehicles
  • Designed for little builders – 4+ toy playsets are easy to build thanks to the included Starter Bricks: a sturdy base onto on which the bricks of this food truck toy are assembled
  • Ideal size for little hands – Measuring over 4.5 in. (11 cm) high, 5 in. (13 cm) long and 2.5 in. (7 cm) wide, this truck is easy for little hands to guide around an imaginary neighborhood