Friends4+ Stephanie's House (41398)

LEGO 4+ Stephanie's House (41398)

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Let little builders get lost in family-life role-play with LEGO® Friends 4+ Stephanie’s House (41398). They can pretend to be Stephanie hanging out in her cozy bedroom or play at being mom and dad looking after their girl and her dog Dash.

The upstairs section is removable, making it easy for little fingers to play with all the cool downstairs details. It also means 2 friends can share the fun, playing with a floor each at the same time! The house comes with lots of cute features to bring the creative fun to life, plus a miniature swing that extends play outside of the house.

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Set Title

LEGO 41398 4+ Stephanie's House

Alternate descriptionYoungsters will love to play house at Stephanie’s family home!
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4+ Stephanie's House 41398 Features

  • Help little builders enjoy hours of imaginative play with 4+ Stephanie’s House (41398). Preschoolers will love to build then play house, recreating scenes from the LEGO® Friends TV series or inventing their own.
  • This kids’ toy comes with LEGO® Friends Stephanie, Alicia and James mini-dolls, a dog, plus all the bricks needed to build a 2-story house with a bedroom, restroom, kitchen, dining room and garden swing.
  • This building kit comes with a Starter Brick baseplate and wall element, making building simple so the family role-play fun can begin quickly. Cute accessories, such as the mini croissant, encourage creative play.
  • This is a great holiday gift for kids who love role-playing family life. The neat 170-piece set is also an ideal gift for kids aged 4+ who deserve a spur-of-the moment treat.
  • Measuring over 6” (16cm) high by 4” (12cm) wide, this 170-piece set takes up little room on display. And it's compatible with other LEGO® pieces, so kids can extend the play with any other sets they have at home.

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