White Baseplate (11010)

Never before has a white LEGO® baseplate as large as this been available! Measuring over 10'' (25cm) square, this bright white building toy gives kids a spacious 32x32-stud LEGO landscape on which to build, play and display.

Inspire LEGO builders with a dazzling array of building possibilities – from frozen lakes to snowy mountains, sunny beaches to spaceships! Who says the base must be at the bottom? This quality baseplate has enough grip to hold building bricks at any angle, even upside down (great for kids’ superhero adventures!) but releases them with minimal effort. And when the building stops, the firm baseplate gives kids a collapse-free way to transport and display their cool creations.
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Set Title

LEGO 11010 White Baseplate

Alternate description
A bigger, brighter way to build, play and display!
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December 2019

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White Baseplate 11010 Features

  • This 32x32-stud baseplate gives LEGO® builders a solid white base for creative construction, an inspiring landscape for imaginative play and a sturdy platform for model display.
  • Sturdy, durable and in wonderful white, this more than 10'' (25cm) square grid has 1,024 perfectly aligned studs to provide LEGO® builders with a flawless grip on all LEGO building products.
  • A white base takes kids to a world of possibilities where anything can happen! Made to grip bricks at any angle (even upside down!) yet be removed with ease, it grips firmly enough for model transport and display.
  • Give this versatile baseplate to any LEGO® builder and watch the creative construction take shape! A great Christmas holiday or birthday gift for boys and girls aged 4 and over, from novices to veteran builders.
  • This white LEGO® baseplate measures over 10'' (25cm) square. Big enough for building projects and impressive displays (minifigure lineup, anyone?). Perfectly compatible with all LEGO building sets.