Succulents (10309)

Succulents are a popular way to introduce plants into the home and enhance your decor. Now you can enjoy a mindful building project as you create an elegant plant display for your living space with this LEGO® Succulents (10309) building kit for adults. Take your time crafting all the details of the 9 different succulents – each inspired by a real-life variety. Then show off your creativity with the ultimate low-maintenance plant display.

Each succulent comes in its own small container. Combine them to create 1 arrangement, display in small groups or show them off individually throughout your home, office or bedroom.
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LEGO 10309 Succulents

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Build mindfulness. Grow creativity. Display your passion
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April 2022

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Succulents 10309 Features

  • Make your own succulents display – Enjoy a rewarding building project, creating a succulents plant display to enhance your home or office decor with this LEGO® Succulents 10309 building kit
  • Build 9 different plants – Customize your display by presenting the plants together, in small groups or individually to create a personalized look for your home, office or bedroom
  • Inspired by real succulents – Each plant has been carefully designed to capture the look of a real succulent. Admire the different shapes, textures and colours that make up the display
  • Enjoy the build – Relax and take your time with this building project. There are 3 sets of building instructions to cover the 9 different plants, letting you enjoy this set with friends or family
  • From the LEGO® Botanical Collection – This set is part of a collection of building sets inspired by real-life plants and flowers and designed specifically for adults
  • Spot the repurposed LEGO® elements – Hidden throughout this set are LEGO elements inspired by other sets. Try to find them all
  • Dimensions – This buildable model measures over 5 in. (13 cm) high, 6.5 in. (17 cm) wide and 6.5 in. (17 cm) deep