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LEGO® Ultra Agents opens up a world of missions, battles and new digital experiences. The villains are plotting something in Astor City, but you can stop them! Build hi-tech vehicles, gather intelligence, fire missiles and save the day! Download the app for interactive story-telling that features missions, games and clue finding.

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Set TitlePriceDifferenceAdded
Hurricane Heist (70164)€ 59.99- € 5.00 (8%)2014-06-01
UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter (70170)€ 79.99--2015-01-06
Agent Stealth Patrol (70169)€ 49.99- € 5.00 (9%)2015-01-06
Drillex Diamond Job (70168)€ 36.93- € 3.06 (8%)2015-01-06

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