Big Rig Snow Getaway (79116)

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The Turtles have come to the rescue of April and are escaping in the bad guys’ Big Rig truck. Karai and the Foot Soldiers are in hot pursuit in a super-slick black SUV so there’s no time to waste. Speed away with April hanging onto the side of the driver’s cabin. Grab your weapons then take the Turtle Power to the roof for a battle with one of the Foot Soldiers. Swerve to avoid the flick missiles fired from the SUV and tip ooze barrels into the bad guys’ path. When you’ve evaded the Foot Soldiers, open up the sides and roof of the truck to check out the amazing mobile lab! Includes 6 minifigures with weapons and an accessory: April O’Neil, Raphael, Leonardo, Karai and 2 Foot Soldiers.

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Current price€ 73.95 € 4.96
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Jan 06, 2016
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€ 70.00Jan 25, 2015More info
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€ 62.99Jan 02, 2015More info

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Alternate descriptionSave April and speed away in Big Rig Snow Getaway with Big Rig truck with mobile lab and ooze barrels plus SUV, 8 weapons and 6 minifigures.
Monitoring sinceJuly 2014
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LEGO Big Rig Snow Getaway (79116) Save April and speed away in Big Rig Snow Getaway with Big Rig truck with mobile lab and ooze barrels plus SUV, 8 weapons and 6 minifigures. Set #: 79116 5702015126625 From €73.95 to €73.95 on 0 sites. 73.95

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