Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesShredder’s Dragon Bike (79101)

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Kick up the turtle-powered action to take on Shredder! When Shredder speeds by on his Dragon Bike with dual flame exhausts and real rubber tires, Donatello spots a map to the Turtles' lair in his claws! Crank up Donatello's motorized skateboard to stop him before he finds the secret lair. Battle the Foot Soldier with Donatello's bo staff and chase the metal-faced menace through the city streets to get that map back!

Includes 3 minifigures: Shredder, Donatello and a Foot Soldier

No longer available

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Last known price€ 27.99
No longer available
Lego retail price€ 29.99(15.15 ct/brick)
Highest price ever€ 69.99
Lowest price ever€ 15.81
Last known price is 7% below the initial Lego retail price!
Current pricing since January 14th 2016
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The Shredder’s Dragon Bike (79101) Lego set is no longer directly available from the sites below. However, 3rd party partners of these sites might still have the set available.

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LEGO Shredder's Dragon Bike (79101)

Alternate descriptionChase after Shredder and get the map back! Skate after Shredder's Dragon Bike with dual flame exhaust on Donatello's supercharged motorized skateboard and get the sewer map back!
ThemeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Monitoring sinceMarch 2013
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