The HobbitThe Battle of Five Armies™ (79017)

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The scene is set for an epic battle at the ruins of Dale as the Elves, Dwarves and Men unite to take on the fearsome Orc army. Keep watch for advancing Orcs from the look-out tower. Let battle rage between good and evil as the Orcs shoot giant arrows from the crossbow of their massive mobile battle machine. Activate the explode functions to bring the bridge crashing down and make one side of the tower collapse. With the evil Orcs threatening to emerge victorious, will Gwaihir™, the leader of the Giant Eagles, arrive in time to assist our heroes? Includes 7 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Thorin Oakenshield™, Dain Ironfoot, Legolas Greenleaf™, Azog™, Bard the Bowman™ and 2 Gundabad Orcs, plus a Gwaihir figure.

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Last known price€ 125.00
No longer available
Lego retail price€ 79.99(16.95 ct/brick)
Highest price ever€ 103.19
Lowest price ever€ 41.30
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Current pricing since February 20th 2018
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The Hobbit

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The The Battle of Five Armies™ (79017) Lego set is no longer directly available from the sites below. However, 3rd party partners of these sites might still have the set available.

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LEGO The Battle of Five Armies™ (79017)

Alternate descriptionFight the Orc battle machine with crossbow in The Battle of Five Armies™ including ruins of Dale with exploding function and 7 minifigures.
ThemeThe Hobbit
Monitoring sinceOctober 2014
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