Hoth™ Echo Base (7879)

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Prepare for attack! Imperial forces have discovered the Rebel base hidden on the ice planet of Hoth and are preparing to crush the Rebel Alliance. Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia get ready to fend off the attack while Luke Skywalker is in the bacta tank being treated by medical droid 2-1B. R-3PO and two snowtrooper minifigures included. Closing base features tauntaun stable with tauntaun, working cargo crane, two rotating radar dishes, icicle trap and speeder bike.

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Last known price€ 149.95
No longer available
Lego retail price€ 99.99
Highest price ever€ 192.00
Lowest price ever€ 67.49
Last known price is 50% above the initial Lego retail price!
Current pricing since May 5th 2016
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The Hoth™ Echo Base (7879) Lego set is no longer directly available from the sites below. However, 3rd party partners of these sites might still have the set available.

Store Name Rating Last Price Last availability
€ 149.95May 04, 2016More info
€ 129.95Feb 08, 2016More info
Het Deense Steentje
€ 94.00Nov 17, 2015More info
€ 145.00Mar 31, 2015More info
't Blokjeshuis
€ 84.50Dec 28, 2014More info
€ 94.95Nov 27, 2014More info
€ 79.99Mar 06, 2014More info
€ 100.00Feb 08, 2014More info
€ 109.11 / £ 91.99Dec 20, 2013More info
€ 99.99Dec 20, 2013More info
€ 86.95Nov 02, 2013More info
€ 192.00Sep 27, 2012More info
€ 189.50Sep 27, 2012More info

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Original title

Hoth™ Echo Base™ (7879)

Alternate descriptionDefend the Hoth Echo Base from the evil Imperial forces! Help the injured Luke Skywalker and his Rebel friends prepare to defend the Hoth™ Echo Base with 2 rotating radar dishes, icicle trap and repeating blaster!
Monitoring sinceSeptember 2012
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