Venom (76187)

LEGO Venom (76187)
Stretch your construction skills and capture forever the distinctive, razor-toothed features of an iconic Marvel super villain with LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Venom (76187).

Fans of Venom and the Spider-Man movies will relish a rewarding building experience as they recreate the authentic features of the gruesome alien symbiote. The oversized jaw packed with dagger-like teeth, the long, twisting tongue and the low, black brow combine to create an unmissable display piece. With a stylish name plaque attached to the sturdy base, this remarkable model will look even more impressive displayed alongside other LEGO comic-book creations.
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Set Title

LEGO 76187 Venom

Alternate description
Recreate Venom: the razor-toothed alien
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April 2021

User comments about Venom (76187)

* 4.6 5 ratings
Somebody wrote on Jun 06, 2021:
Lackluster build, hollow inside but nice end produce.
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Venom 76187 Features

  • Build and display one of the most feared characters in the Marvel Universe with LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Venom (76187) – a captivating build-and-display model created with adults in mind.
  • The iconic alien creature, with its dagger-like teeth and long, twisting tongue, stands on a sturdy base with a stylish name plaque attached.
  • This collectible piece of Marvel movie memorabilia will provide joy and satisfaction long after the hands-on, creative construction work is over.
  • If you’re an adult Marvel fan or model-making enthusiast, this buildable movie-character replica is the perfect build-and-display project for you!
  • Measuring over 7 in. (19 cm) high, 3 in. (9 cm) wide and 7 in. (19 cm) deep, this striking model is sure to generate attention and interest, whether displayed in your home or workplace.