Spider-ManSpider-Man vs. Doc Ock (76148)

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With this LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock set (76148), young superheroes will feel as if they’re racing into action with Spider-Man and Spider-Girl on the awesome Spider-Cycle. Once they’ve worked together to defeat the evil Doctor Octopus, who knows where their imaginations will take them next?

Doctor Octopus – aka Doc Ock– has 4 deadly robotic arms. But Spider-Man and his dynamic daughter Spider-Girl have the amazing Spider-Cycle.Kids will love splitting the motorcycle into 2 cool machines: Spider-Man’s high-speed bike and the giant ‘walking spider’ – always handy in a fight! There are stud shooters to fire, webs to fling and endless possibilities for individual and group play.

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LEGO Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock (76148)

Alternate descriptionSpider-Man, Spider-Girl and Doc Ock in a superhero playset!
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Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock 76148 Features

  • There’s action, adventure and endless possibilities for imaginative play when young superheroes join Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and their amazing 2-in-1 motorcycle to battle the evil, 4-armed Doctor Octopus.
  • With 3 LEGO® minifigures, kids can role-play as Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and Doc Ock in an action-packed confrontation. Spider-Man's motorcycle splits into 2 to create a high-speed bike and a giant ‘walking spider'!
  • Doc Ock has 4 robotic arms. But Spider-Man and Spider-Girl have the Spider-Cycle, with stud shooters and webs to fling… and that’s just the beginning! Who knows where this inspirational playset will take them next?
  • With a cool superhero action set to build that’s great for solo and group play, boys and girls aged 6 and up will enjoy endless superhero adventures with this LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man building toy.
  • Measuring over 6” (17cm) long, 5” (13cm) wide and 2” (6cm) high, Spider-Man's motorcycle easily combines with other LEGO® Marvel sets for even more superhero action. And when it’s not chasing villains, it looks great on display in any kid’s room.

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