Overborg Attack (70722)

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Cyrus Borg has been transformed by technology into OverBorg, and is on a mission to control New Ninjago City and capture the Green Ninja. Help the Green Ninja escape to safety on his super-slick cycle with golden blades. The OverBorg has powered up in his mech chair and is giving chase on his all-terrain tank bike, churning up the road with the two fast-spinning, slicing circular saw blades. Evade the tank bike’s lasers then accelerate onto the ramp and soar over OverBorg’s fearsome machine! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons and accessories: OverBorg and Lloyd.

No longer available

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Last known price€ 47.99
No longer available
Lego retail price€ 19.99
Highest price ever€ 47.99
Lowest price ever€ 9.97
Last known price is 140% above the initial Lego retail price!
Current pricing since April 2nd 2015
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No longer directly available

The Overborg Attack (70722) Lego set is no longer directly available from the sites below. However, 3rd party partners of these sites might still have the set available.

Store Name Rating Last Price Last availability
€ 47.99Mar 31, 2015More info
't Blokjeshuis
€ 16.50Mar 21, 2015More info
€ 17.95Dec 19, 2014More info
€ 19.99Dec 02, 2014More info
€ 22.61 / £ 17.99Dec 02, 2014More info
€ 15.95Dec 01, 2014More info
€ 19.49Nov 24, 2014More info
€ 18.95Nov 23, 2014More info
€ 17.95Nov 21, 2014More info
€ 20.99Nov 21, 2014More info
€ 16.99Nov 17, 2014More info
€ 16.73 / £ 13.07Nov 09, 2014More info
€ 14.55Nov 09, 2014More info
€ 17.99Nov 07, 2014More info
€ 16.95Oct 22, 2014More info
€ 20.99Oct 21, 2014More info
€ 17.99Jul 11, 2014More info

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Original title

OverBorg Attack (70722)

Alternate descriptionEscape on the Green Ninja cycle in OverBorg Attack with all-terrain tank bike, mech chair, spinning saw blades, jump ramp and 2 minifigures!
Monitoring sinceDecember 2013
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