NEXO KNIGHTSJestro's Headquarters (70352)

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Storm Jestro’s Headquarters with Macy’s Underminer vehicle, and battle Jestro’s Hatattacka flying hat and Stone Wheeler vehicles! Unite the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ heroes together and combine their NEXO Powers to stop Jestro finding the Forbidden Powers—and rescue Ava from the dangling cage! Includes scannable shields for four NEXO Powers: Ninja Strike, Mindbender, Tone of Power and Standing Ovation, and Forbidden Power Corrupting Crush.

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Set Title

LEGO Jestro's Headquarters (70352)

Alternate descriptionHelp the heroic knights rescue Ava from Jestro’s head-shaped HQ!
Monitoring sinceDecember 2016
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Jestro's Headquarters 70352 Features

  • Includes six minifigures: Jestro, Ava, Macy, Lance, a gargoyle and a Stone stomper.
  • Features Jestro’s Headquarters and Macy’s Underminer vehicle.
  • Jestro’s Headquarters features a giant head with hidden surprises and detachable jester’s cap mini-flyer with minifigure cockpit and two flick missiles, flexible front rolling wheels, four stud shooters, dual flick missiles, detachable trailer with Stone Wheeler vehicle and secret Stone boat, adjustable crane with hook, cage, ladder, four cannons and an ammunition box.
  • Macy’s Underminer features a spinning drill, minifigure cockpit, and a weapon and shield holder.
  • Use the adjustable crane and hook to raise the cage holding Ava.
  • Open up the giant head to reveal the secret weapons!
  • Lift up the trailer's ladder, then push the button to eject the Stone boat.
  • Push Macy's Underminer to activate the spinning drill.
  • Weapons include Jestro's lightning staff, the gargoyle's Granite Blade, Macy's mace and Lance's lance.
  • Accessory elements include two shield holders, Monstrox cloud and two lightning elements.
  • Scan shields for the NEXO Powers Ninja Strike, Mindbender, Tone of Power and Standing Ovation, and combine them to defeat Monstrox in the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ game!
  • Also includes the Forbidden Power Corrupting Crush.
  • Jestro's Headquarters measures over 7” (20cm) high, 12” (33cm) long and 8” (21cm) wide.

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