Transparent Blue LEGO® Rack System (5006179)

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Give LEGO® builders somewhere to get creative as well as organize their LEGO bricks and pieces with this Transparent Blue LEGO Iconic Rack System. The sides of the 3 colored, removable drawers are etched with decorative LEGO bricks. A baseplate at the front of each drawer lets kids customize it with their own LEGO creation. The top surface features an integrated baseplate, giving kids a great building experience and great storage in a single, child-friendly unit.

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LEGO Transparent Blue LEGO® Rack System (5006179)

Alternate descriptionLEGO® fans can store, sort and build with an all-in-one solution!
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Transparent Blue LEGO® Rack System 5006179 Features

  • Features 3 drawers in see-through red, green and blue, each with an integrated 4x6 stud LEGO® baseplate for kids to build on.
  • A 32x32 stud baseplate is integrated into the upper surface to give kids a firm and spacious building surface.
  • The entire unit is made from easy-to-clean plastic with rounded edges to ensure there are no nasty knocks.
  • Measures over 14” (37cm) high, 12” (32cm) wide and 13” (34cm) deep.