Unicorn Creative Family Pack (41962)

LEGO Unicorn Creative Family Pack (41962)
Take your next family get-together to new heights with the LEGO® DOTS Unicorn Creative Family Pack (41962) set! Designed for kids or crafts fans aged 6 and up, the pack features 5 different DOTS canvases, including 2 slimline bracelets, a unicorn box stationery holder with removable top, a small message board and a bunting kit with string, plus plenty of colorful tiles and 3 packs of alphabet tiles for decorating. Kids or groups can assemble the various toy items and create endless messages anddesigns to express themselves any way they like.
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Set Title

LEGO 41962 Unicorn Creative Family Pack

Alternate description
Encourage creative group play with this arts-and-crafts kit
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May 2022

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Unicorn Creative Family Pack 41962 Features

  • Create, share, use – Fulfill any child’s passion for crafts with this LEGO® DOTS Unicorn Creative Family Pack (41962) DIY kit. The creative fun starts when they open the box
  • Open-ended self-expression – Stretch kids’ creative and innovation skills as they explore the kit, with 5 imaginative DOTS toy canvases, plus lots of colored tiles and 3 alphabet tile packs
  • Celebration in a box – This set helps inspire imagination, whether solo or in a group. Kids can also use any of the LEGO® DOTS Extra DOTS bags or Lots of DOTS boxes (sold separately) to expand designs
  • Arts-and-crafts party for ages 6+ – Any crafts fan will love this kit. The mix of wearables and useful room decor items, plus loads of colored and lettered tiles, make it fun to create over and over
  • Redesign any time – the message board measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high and 5 in. (12 cm) wide. There’s lots of space on this and the other 4 items for kids to stretch their imaginations
  • Decorating starts quickly – Easy-to-follow inspiration in the box makes creating a snap, with alphabet tiles as well as tiles in a variety of colors, so kids can really make their designs stand out