Bag Tag Narwhal (41928)

Surprise a sea creature fan with this super-cute LEGO® DOTS Bag Tag Narwhal (41928) kit! Made for quick assembly, this accessory kit gives boys and girls the chance to create and decorate their own magical narwhal bag tag to hang on a bag or backpack.

This bag tag kit features a small cube with room for lots of fun designs, a silicone ring to attach it with and a small, key-shaped tile remover. Kids can use the blue, teal and aqua tiles to design a realistic narwhal. If they want to push creativity, they can grab a Series 4 bag of Extra DOTS tiles, dive into a creative ocean and make even more fun faces and designs.
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Set Title

LEGO 41928 Bag Tag Narwhal

Alternate description
Hit all the right creative notes with designable bag tags
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February 2021

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Bag Tag Narwhal 41928 Features

  • Surprise any youngster with this underwater-inspired LEGO® DOTS Bag Tag Narwhal (41928) kit, featuring a sturdy cube with a hanger, key-shaped tile remover and plenty of colorful tiles.
  • Kids can decorate the bag tag toy using the design ideas from the packaging or use their creativity and skills to make up their own imaginative patterns.
  • The included tiles are great for decorating. Kids can also swap the tiles with any of the other toy craft kits or bags, such as Extra DOTS – Series 3 or 4 (41921 or 41931) for more design fun!
  • Any kid with a passion for arts and crafts will love this great bag tag accessory. The kit is a fast and fun creative break and the tag will fit on any bag that boys and girls aged 6+ might carry.
  • Creative play in a portable size. Each bag tag measures over 1.5 in. (4 cm) high and 1 in. (3 cm) wide and deep and makes a durable and useful little treat or top extra gift for any child.