DOTSAnimal Picture Holders (41904)

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Arts and crafts fans will love this cool LEGO® DOTS™ (41904) Animal Picture Holders set! Designed to be easily assembled and customisable, this unique DIY toy set offers kids the chance to create their own room decor and change it to fit their room colours or mood. Cleanup and sorting are also a breeze with the enclosed storage and sorting tray.

This set of 3 small cubes features lids and picture holders, plus colourful tiles for designing adorable cat, dog, llama or any other animal faces a child might like. Kids can stretch their imagination and self-expressive play skills while they make the picture holder boxes fun and unique.

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LEGO Animal Picture Holders (41904)

Alternate descriptionSpark creativity with 3 cubes to decorate and display photos.
Monitoring sinceJanuary 2020
Building instructionsDownload the building instructions for the Lego Animal Picture Holders (41904)

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Animal Picture Holders 41904 Features

  • Add to your child’s love of creative DIY with this sweet LEGO® DOTS™ (41904) cube set, featuring 3 animal cubes with lids and photo holders. Play starts with assembling the Animal Picture Holders, straight out of the box!
  • Creativity on show! Kids can flex their self-expression skills as they decorate the cubes, following suggestions in the packaging to design the cat, dog, llama or other animal faces, or coming up with their own ideas.
  • The colourful tiles are great to create with. Kids can add the tiles from other DOTS™ sets or the Extra DOTS - series 1 pack (41908) to make the cubes into their favourite animal or decorate them to match their room decor!
  • Small and made to be used. With each box measuring over 1” (4cm) cubed, this clever DIY creative set is perfect for new crafters to practise their creations and then display their favourite version.

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