FriendsHeartlake City Park Café (41426)

LEGO Heartlake City Park Café (41426)

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Know a kid who loves hanging out with their friends? Give the gift of the Heartlake City Park (41426) and every day they can make-believe catching up with their buddies in this Parisian-styled hang-out.

Foodie kids will love playing with the toy coffee shop accessories imagining they're the server whipping up smoothies and waffles to give to hungry customers. This building toy's kitchen is filled with neat details. The hinged waffle iron, drinks blender and cooking ingredients all help get kids’ creative juices flowing. Youngsters can also pretend to be Mia on her skateboard toy, playing with the squirrel toy while she waits for a snack.

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Set Title

LEGO 41426 Heartlake City Park Café

Alternate descriptionPretty Parisian-style café for creative role-play fun
Monitoring sinceMay 2020
Building instructionsDownload the building instructions for the Lego Heartlake City Park Café (41426)

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Heartlake City Park Café 41426 Features

  • Whet appetites for hours of creative fun food play with this Heartlake City Park Café (41426). Kids can play the server with a toy menu, prepare the toy food, or imagine being the customer enjoying a snack.
  • This café playset comes with 2 mini-dolls, a squirrel figure, a kitchen with a toy waffle iron and blender and lots of toy coffee shop accessories that help kids get lost in play and develop their story-telling skills.
  • Kids can pretend to make the food, wait the table or play the customer. And as this LEGO® park café is compatible with all LEGO sets and bricks, the ways in which they can customize their set are limitless.
  • Makes a great holiday, birthday or impulse gift for kids aged 6+ who love food play. With 224 pieces it serves up a satisfying but achievable construction project for kids new to LEGO® building toys.
  • The café building measures over 4” (11cm) high, and 5” (14cm) long so it takes little room to keep out on display. And who wouldn't want to show off this pretty Parisian-style eatery complete with cute French doors?

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