ElvesAira's Creative Workshop (41071)

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Build a flying machine with Aira Windwhistler, the Wind Elf, in her Creative Workshop! Add the finishing touches so that with her magical powers she can harness the wind and fly anywhere in a flash. But wait – her pet bird, Pluma, swoops in with an urgent message from the Earth Elf. Aira’s elf friends need to find 4 magic keys to help send Emily Jones back home to the human world, and they need her help right away! Fit the flying machine to Aira’s back, then help her catch the next gust of wind and soar through the sky. Later, join Aira at her desk and use the quill to design her next extraordinary invention. Includes Aira Windwhistler mini-doll figure and Pluma the bird.

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€ 9.90 / £ 6.99Nov 09, 2015More info
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€ 9.99Sep 08, 2015More info
€ 6.99Aug 28, 2015More info
€ 8.99Jul 29, 2015More info
€ 9.99Apr 24, 2015More info

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Aira's Creative Workshop (41071)

Alternate descriptionDream up new inventions in LEGO® Elves Aira’s Creative Workshop with Aira mini-doll, flying machine, bird with stand, work desk and a stool.
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LEGO Aira's Creative Workshop (41071) Dream up new inventions in LEGO® Elves Aira’s Creative Workshop with Aira mini-doll, flying machine, bird with stand, work desk and a stool. Set #: 41071 5702015352741 From €10.89 to €10.89 on 1 sites. 10.89

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