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Celebrate the grand opening of the Heartlake Pet Salon! Everyone's excited to check it out! Help Emma to shampoo her friend Joanna's pretty white poodle in the bubble bath, then trim and clip her on the rotating grooming table. Use the blow dryer and brushes to make her perfect! While Joanna is waiting for her puppy to be groomed, help her to shop for new pet food and lots of accessories in the salon's shop. Then fill up the water dish at the tap for the poodle to drink. With all of these accessories and functions, you can really pamper all of the pretty pets in Heartlake City! Includes Emma and Joanna mini-doll figures and a poodle.

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Last known price€ 32.50
No longer available
Lego retail price€ 32.99(13.63 ct/brick)
Highest price ever€ 49.99
Lowest price ever€ 16.49
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Current pricing since February 17th 2018
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The Heartlake Pet Salon (41007) Lego set is no longer directly available from the sites below. However, 3rd party partners of these sites might still have the set available.

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't Blokjeshuis
€ 32.50Feb 16, 2018More info
€ 34.99Nov 17, 2017More info
€ 34.95Oct 02, 2016More info
€ 32.89Jun 10, 2016More info
€ 26.95Nov 24, 2015More info
€ 37.12 / £ 27.51Oct 11, 2015More info
€ 33.08Oct 11, 2015More info
€ 29.99Oct 11, 2015More info
€ 36.99Jun 05, 2015More info
Het Deense Steentje
€ 25.00May 09, 2015More info
€ 29.99Apr 29, 2015More info
€ 29.99Mar 26, 2015More info
€ 27.95Mar 01, 2015More info
€ 27.54 / £ 20.99Jan 20, 2015More info
€ 23.09Jan 17, 2015More info
€ 29.69Dec 22, 2014More info
€ 29.69Dec 16, 2014More info
€ 36.00Dec 16, 2014More info
€ 32.95Nov 29, 2014More info
€ 34.99Nov 11, 2014More info
€ 34.99Nov 08, 2014More info
€ 26.89Jun 08, 2014More info

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LEGO Heartlake Pet Salon (41007)

Alternate descriptionPamper every pet at the Heartlake Pet Salon! Help Joanna and Emma pamper the poodle with a rotating grooming table, bubble bath, purple hair accessories and lots to shop for!
Monitoring sinceDecember 2012
Building instructionsDownload the building instructions for the Lego Heartlake Pet Salon (41007)

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