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Motorised Lighthouse (21335)

Let your creativity shine as you build this LEGO® Ideas Motorised Lighthouse (21335) model. It features a lighthouse tower with motorised rotating light and custom-designed Fresnel lens elements, plus a cottage with a glowing fireplace. The cottage and tower are both easily accessible to let you view the wonderfully detailed interiors, and they sit on a brick-built rocky outcrop with steps down to the pier and a cave containing pirate’s treasure. Lighthouse keeper and sailor minifigures, plus a buildable rowing boat and seagull and cat figures, add to the delightful scene.
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Set Title

LEGO 21335 Motorised Lighthouse

Alternate description
Light up your home with this authentically detailed LEGO® Ideas Motorised Lighthouse model, featuring a rotating light and Fresnel lens element.
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August 2022

User comments about Motorised Lighthouse (21335)

* 5.0 6 ratings
mattvleugels wrote on Feb 06, 2024:
Geweldige build en nadien ook nog een leuk stuk om uitgestald te hebben staan. Echt een toppertje!
Bjorn wrote on Oct 29, 2023:
Geweldige set om te bouwen en een topstuk uit de collectie.
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Motorised Lighthouse 21335 Features

  • Motorised Lighthouse (21335) model for display – Shine a light on your creativity with this highly detailed, buildable lighthouse on rocks, with a pier and steps, cave and lighthouse keeper’s cottage
  • 2 LEGO® minifigures and 2 figures – Includes a lighthouse keeper and sailor with a buildable rowing boat model, plus a cat and seagull to bring the scene to life
  • Rotating light with a Fresnel lens element – A battery box (6380609), medium motor (6290183) and cable with lights (6238858) power the lighthouse’s rotating light and the cottage’s glowing fireplace
  • Revel in the details – Remove elements on the back of the tower to view the stairs all the way to top, lift off the cottage roof to view the detailed interior and discover a treasure chest in the cave
  • Buildable art piece to display in your home – This working model of a lighthouse measures over 54 cm (21.5 in.) high, 25 cm (10 in.) wide and 25 cm (10 in.) deep
  • Step-by-step guide – Includes an illustrated booklet featuring the set’s fan designer and LEGO® designers, plus illustrated instructions to guide your immersive, hands-on building experience