MinecraftThe Mine (21118)

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Enter The Mine at your own risk! You’ll need to don your iron armor for this dangerous expedition. Grab your iron pickaxe and venture into the darkness, keeping an eye out for hostile mobs that lurk deep in the mine. Plant the TNT and activate the explosion function to blast away the rock face. Then load up the precious ores, jump aboard the minecart and hurtle past the Creeper, zombie and skeleton, using the iron sword to keep them at bay until you’re safely above ground. All in a days work fora LEGO® Minecraft™ hero! Rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations. Includes a Steve minifigure with weapons and accessories, plus a skeleton, zombie, spider and a Creeper™.

No longer available

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Last known price€ 149.95
No longer available
Lego retail price€ 99.99(10.84 ct/brick)
Highest price ever€ 133.81
Lowest price ever€ 77.89
Last known price is 50% above the initial Lego retail price!
Current pricing since November 9th 2017
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No longer available

No longer directly available

The The Mine (21118) Lego set is no longer directly available from the sites below. However, 3rd party partners of these sites might still have the set available.

Store Name Rating Last Price Last availability
€ 149.95Nov 08, 2017More info
€ 99.89Jun 10, 2016More info
€ 99.99Apr 21, 2016More info
Het Deense Steentje
€ 90.00Dec 20, 2015More info
€ 128.38 / £ 89.99Dec 18, 2015More info
€ 99.99Dec 18, 2015More info
€ 99.99Dec 18, 2015More info
€ 99.99Dec 18, 2015More info
€ 89.99Nov 27, 2015More info
€ 93.87Nov 22, 2015More info
€ 91.95Nov 17, 2015More info
€ 94.99Nov 12, 2015More info
€ 84.99Nov 10, 2015More info
Mister Bricks
€ 89.95Nov 08, 2015More info
€ 99.99Nov 06, 2015More info
€ 99.20 / £ 70.99Oct 31, 2015More info
€ 99.99Oct 18, 2015More info
€ 92.69Oct 13, 2015More info
€ 77.89Oct 13, 2015More info
€ 77.95Oct 13, 2015More info
't Blokjeshuis
€ 84.95Oct 12, 2015More info
€ 89.90Oct 06, 2015More info
€ 87.99Sep 07, 2015More info
€ 84.04Aug 13, 2015More info
€ 99.99Aug 02, 2015More info
€ 99.99Jul 29, 2015More info

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LEGO The Mine (21118)

Alternate descriptionBlast the ore free with LEGO® Minecraft™ The Mine, includes huge track, cart, TNT, ores, Steve, Creeper™, zombie, skeleton, spider and more.
Monitoring sinceNovember 2014
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