CityJungle Exploration Site (60161)

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Locate the lost plane in the LEGO® City jungle! Explore the mysterious wreck, then set up camp before you hop in the kayak to explore the temple downriver. Keep your eyes open, there are lots of animals and traps lurking in the jungle and ruins. Make sure you don't pull on the wrong vine — there are surprises everywhere in the LEGO City jungle!

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LEGO Jungle Exploration Site (60161)

Alternate descriptionDiscover the secrets of the jungle with the LEGO® City explorers!
Monitoring sinceMay 2017
Building instructionsDownload the building instructions for the Lego Jungle Exploration Site (60161)
EAN5702015866286, 5702015999090

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Jungle Exploration Site 60161 Features

  • Includes 7 minifigures: a pilot, 2 drivers and 4 scientist/explorers, plus leopard, crocodile, snake, frog and 2 spider figures.
  • Features an amphibious helicopter with minifigure cockpit, winch, spinning rotors and pontoons, plus a heavy observation truck with an articulated crane arm, room for the kayak on top and motorcycle on the back, and an amphibious vehicle with minifigure cockpit and storage compartments.
  • Also includes a plane wreck build with opening cockpit and room for a box, a cave with leopard pounce function, a temple with boulder release and trapdoor functions, plus a buildable Venus flytrap with closing ‘mouth’.
  • Remove the top of the truck to access the observation room.
  • Lift up the plane’s cockpit with the crane arm to discover the treasure.
  • Push the release function on the back of the cave to make the leopard pounce.
  • Lower the helicopter winch and haul away the treasure.
  • Pull the vine to send the boulder tumbling.
  • Pull the lever to release the temple trapdoor.
  • Push the top of the Venus flytrap down to trap the spider.
  • Accessory elements include a map, 2 boxes, one red crystal, one red diamond, 2 golden frog statues, boulder, shovel, crowbar, chicken leg, machete, compass, axe, paddle and a buildable campfire.
  • Helicopter with rotors measures over 3” (9cm) high, 9” (23cm) long and 7” (18cm) wide.
  • Heavy observation truck measures over 3” (10cm) high, 7” (19cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide.
  • Amphibious vehicle measures over 1” (4cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.
  • Plane and temple build measures over 7” (18cm) high, 12” (32cm) wide and 6” (16cm) deep.

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