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Make a celebration to remember with Disney Princess Ariel and Eric. Set sail in their royal boat and pretend to play music with Sebastian by spinning the starfish while they dance the night away on the revolving dancefloor. Enjoy some cake with Max the dog and find Ariel's treasure hidden in the ship's hull, before launching colorful fireworks from the back of the boat! Have fun building and rebuilding this set in different ways to create endless stories on the sea.

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LEGO Ariel's Royal Celebration Boat (41153)

Alternate descriptionSail off to new adventures with Disney Ariel and Eric.
Monitoring sinceDecember 2017
Building instructionsDownload the building instructions for the Lego Ariel's Royal Celebration Boat (41153)

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Ariel's Royal Celebration Boat 41153 Features

  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Prince Eric and Ariel with her dress and white fabric cape, plus Sebastian the crab and Max the dog figures.
  • Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat features a gazebo with revolving dancefloor, ship’s wheel, vanity desk and firework launcher, plus a dock and Sebastian's island with turning starfish decks.
  • Accessory elements include a cake, glasses, crown, treasure chest, jewel, telescope, Ursula's contract tile, trident, hair bow, bone, firework pieces and a perfume bottle.
  • Customize this great children's toy by easily swapping and rearranging internal features such as the vanity, cake table and drinks table.
  • Move and rearrange the gazebo and dock to customize the boat, or combine, swap and mix this model with other compatible LEGO® l Disney toys to build your own dream creations.
  • Recreate the final wedding scenes from Disney's The Little Mermaid on this ornate boat full of features and secret places.
  • Help Ariel get ready for new adventures at the vanity desk, then put on her white wedding cape.
  • Spin Sebastian’s starfish and help Eric and Ariel dance on the revolving dancefloor, then launch the colorful firework pieces as the celebrations continue!
  • Suitable for ages 6-12.
  • Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat measures over 6” (16cm) high, 9” (23cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide.
  • Sebastian's island measures over 1” (4cm) high, 1” (4cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep.

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