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It’s buzzing with activity at the City Square! Park your bike at the cozy coffee bar, hop aboard the awesome news helicopter and take to the skies for a bird’s-eye view. When you’re done flying, call by the LEGO® Store where a new delivery has just arrived. Help the driver unload the boxes, place them on the handcart and wheel them into the store. Then check out the cool cars for sale at the dealership showrooms. Help the mechanic operate the car lift and fit a new set of sporty alloy rims. There’s just time to buy a hotdog and a newspaper for the journey home, but watch out for the pizza deliveryman on his speedy scooter as you head for the tram stop! Load your bike into the bike compartment, take a seat and watch the world go by as you travel through the LEGO City streets. What an exciting day! Includes 12 minifigures with assorted accessories: a tram driver, helicopter pilot, coffee shop saleswoman, pizza deliveryman, car saleswoman, mechanic, tow truck driver, hotdog salesman, LEGO sales person, LEGO delivery driver, a girl and a boy. Also includes 2 LEGO store statues.

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LEGO City Square (60097)

Alternate descriptionThe City Square has a LEGO® Store, car dealership, 3 cars, tow truck, LEGO truck, helicopter, tram, tram stop, bike and 12 minifigures.
Monitoring sinceJune 2015
Building instructionsDownload the building instructions for the Lego City Square (60097)

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City Square 60097 Features

  • Includes 12 minifigures with assorted accessories: a tram driver, helicopter pilot, coffee bar saleswoman, pizza deliveryman, car saleswoman, mechanic, tow truck driver, hotdog salesman, 2 LEGO® sales personnel, a girl, and a boy.
  • Features a tram, LEGO® Store, LEGO delivery truck, helicopter, car dealership, 3 cars, tow truck, bike, pizza delivery scooter, tram stop, coffee shop, hotdog stand and a newsstand
  • Car dealership features 2 showrooms with sliding, transparent doors, 4 alloy wheels and a service center with functioning car lift
  • LEGO® Store features 2 statues, streetlamp and a detailed interior with computer station, boxes and shelves
  • Tram features cars with transparent walls, bike car and drivers cab with opening doors
  • LEGO® delivery truck features opening doors and a LEGO logo
  • Tow truck features a tilting flatbed and a working winch with hook
  • Accessory elements include a dog, pretzel, 2 sausages, handcart, 4 mugs, hammer wrench, bucket, window cleaningstickand a LEGO® bag
  • Operate the car lift
  • Visit the cozy coffee bar
  • Check out the latest sets at the LEGO® Store!
  • Ride the awesome tram!

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