Andrea's Theater School (41714)

Know a kid aged 8+ who lives for their acting classes? Make their day with Andrea’s Theater School (41714). Let them imagine being a star of the stage with this beautiful theater building, where kids who enjoy all things drama will love exploring this detailed model’s many features.

The Victorian facade opens to create the theater, complete with orchestra and balcony seats. Opening the textile theater curtains reveals 2 backdrops – a medieval castle and a nighttime cityscape. Spin the theater round and there’s rigging for the lights and a dressing room where characters get made up, just like at a real theater! There are also toy props so kids can create dramatic scenes of their own. LEGO® Friends Andrea, Ollie and Freya can act out parts under the tutelage of Prof. Adrian.
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Set Title

LEGO 41714 Andrea's Theater School

Alternate description
Theater playhouse building model
Monitoring since
May 2022

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Andrea's Theater School 41714 Features

  • Playing to a packed house – Impress little actors with LEGO® Friends Andrea’s Theater School (41714), an extensive playhouse set where drama-loving kids can act out their passion for drama
  • Feature-packed for epic fun – This set is hinged and opens out to reveal a stage with 2 backdrops, orchestra and balcony seating, dressing room, props room, lights rigging and 4 mini-dolls
  • Creative play takes center stage – Kids recreate various theater jobs, from learning parts at acting school to working backstage controlling the lights or making up the faces of the actors
  • Just like the real thing – The building looks just like a London West End theater. Inside, fabric curtains roll back to reveal the stage and there’s an assortment of props to spark creative play
  • A display to be proud of – When fully opened, this set measures over 9 in. (24 cm) high, 15 in. (39 cm) wide and 5 in. (13 cm) deep and makes a colorful display centerpiece